I found these brook trout feeding at one of the high lakes.  I crawled to the edge of a boulder overlooking the water and zoomed way in.  Then I began waiting for a fish to spot a insect and make a lunge for it.


radical radishes

french breakfast radish, one of the first things other than greens to ripen up in the spring. Very tasty if i do say so myself.

no work!!!!!!!!!!!!

One of the back to the land books that I found in that shed Awhile ago was the Ruth Stout NO-WORK-GARDEN BOOK (secrets of the year round mulch method).  Erica Picked it up, read it and said “why aren’t we mulching?”.

icky scooop

We fed the goats out of the green house and the barn all winter, now we are taking the hay and other organic material from there pen and putting it back on the garden to suppress weeds and hold in moisture this summer. Notice the beautiful spring weather for gardening.

half covered

Erica also is trying it in part of the greenhouse.


info about ruth stout here

ground level

super fun

watch the video become a STOUTATARIAN!

spring thaw


Late winter is the hardest time to be a herbivore in the county.   Spring is coming, for some it comes to late.  When the temperature stay’s below freezing for several months all decomposition stops and when it begins to warm up we have a stock pile of deer that didn’t make it,  re-emerge from under the snow.   On the other hand this is the best time to be a scavenger/predator.

goat furnitures

March 23, 2013

I am a pampered goat

The goats were in need of some furniture when the weather started to turn cold.  I built the feeder and shelter from a few old pallets that I have a never ending supply of and decorated them with some salvaged wood to make them fit the aesthetic of the barn yard (because if it’s not worth doing stylishly it’s not worth doing at all).  Winter still is not quite over yet it was somewhere south of 16 degrees last night, Princess Butter Cup and the Triva seem to be enjoying the comforts that the title of most pampered goats in the county comes with.

this way we don't have to eat mud

crane view of goat feeder

the house is stuffed with straw occasionally to protect from wind but with both of them wedged in there they seem to stay cozy and warm even on the coldest nights.

goat shanty

All that straw makes really good summertime mulch and fertilizer to put on the garden.


winds blow snow

March 18, 2013

cheif jo blow

cold as heckfire


High winds in the mountains have been redistributing this winters heavy snows.  Click the above photos if they are not moving for you.

ruby peak

snobby cows

March 16, 2013


Being the only beef to be eaten by the royal family of Britain has given our own cows a little bit of attitude. feeding is now done with a red carpet and a gold plated hayfork.

bok,sok,mock, and rock choy

greens in march? impossible you say?.   The green house goes a long way towards helping us have this kind of crop in the winter months but the same could be done with a simple cold frame or even a few sheets of plastic.  The timing of planting is usually the important part of the equation. here is a artists rendering of our green house as I see it .

and this is how it looks to normal people.

1 of our green hauses

The temperature inside is somewhere between hot and a billion degrees.  Even on really cold days as long as the sun is shining it heats up quickly and is a great place for naps.  This Shangri-La of growing plants, also attracts freedom haters in the forms of pocket gophers. Example A.

the black box of doom

This small looking black box with springs is a type of mechanized warfare that we prefer to giant robots but of course is not as cool as a giant robots.