kitty explosion cutenesss super

we spend the summer (and winter now) on a small farm, adventures and goodtimes are had by all.


7 Responses to “certainly”

  1. Eric V said

    Nice! I’ll be following along and living vicariously thru your pristine farm experience–Post a lot of pictures!

  2. Dan S said

    Nice blog. Beware of serpents.

  3. ariel said

    hi erica and tyler! i’m enjoying reading about the farmland!

  4. byron nelson said

    So grand to see all of this past week. thank you for such great hospitality. look forward to seeing you again.


  5. Erin Donovan said

    Very nice, very nice indeed.

  6. Annie said

    gross! all those kitties and all that hair! ha ha ha

  7. […] a large number of twisted old railroad spikes were the most fascinating. Taking care to ask the property owner’s permission to take what I had found, I bounded away merrily with the trappings of a new project […]

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