radical radishes

french breakfast radish, one of the first things other than greens to ripen up in the spring. Very tasty if i do say so myself.


no work!!!!!!!!!!!!

One of the back to the land books that I found in that shed Awhile ago was the Ruth Stout NO-WORK-GARDEN BOOK (secrets of the year round mulch method). ¬†Erica Picked it up, read it and said “why aren’t we mulching?”.

icky scooop

We fed the goats out of the green house and the barn all winter, now we are taking the hay and other organic material from there pen and putting it back on the garden to suppress weeds and hold in moisture this summer. Notice the beautiful spring weather for gardening.

half covered

Erica also is trying it in part of the greenhouse.


info about ruth stout here

ground level

super fun

watch the video become a STOUTATARIAN!

old barn renovation

June 21, 2010

It seems all we do around here is fix up old barns. This one is a less flashy but highly useful barn nearby the white one where we keep chickens, farm equipment, and huge mountains of firewood. Some previous owner neglected to put any gutters on it, so all the rainwater dripped straight down into the foundation and caused the barn to sink in an almost entirely different way than this fake American McMansion into a Venice waterway.

Local builder Kirk Skovlin and his crew jacked up the barn, pulled out all the old cement foundation blocks, and re-poured new ones. Now the barn is straight and tall. Next we re-do the roof, where we’re planning to put some solar panels.

metal veggies

June 4, 2010

Most farmers’ markets have a dude playing fiddle or something. But not in Enterprise! There’s an outdoor concert program that runs all summer here, and it coincides with the Thursday farmers’ market so that people can go hear some tunes and get their veggies at the same time. The first band booked for the season was Stone Orchard, our local metal band. Picture me trying to explain the health benefits of kale to little old ladies while these guys played 10 feet away. And also bear in mind that the venue is a gazebo in the middle of town next to the courthouse on a perfectly manicured lawn. Kinda incongruous. But kinda awesome.