we assist in a yurting

April 26, 2010

Our friend Wynne chasing her dream of living like a Mongolian, has taken a huge step in that direction by living in a yurt.  We helped her set it up and assemble it in a very pretty location where she can be semi-mongolian in peace.


the barn is changing

April 15, 2010

The barn (built in 1890) was due for a paint job so we are going to return it to it’s semi-original color , white.

We had some aspens down that needed to be chopped up, not the best firewood but better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

we limit out on kokanee

April 12, 2010

we had the best ever fishing day up at thelake and limited out on kokanee, I guess my losing streak is over, Alaska here I come.

the great escape

April 7, 2010

Not only did the little monster escape but he also broke into the garden by leaning against the fence until it broke.  It was either that or he somehow managed to  use those short little horns like some kind of huge can opener.  Luckily the only thing that got eaten was some rotten beets left over from last summer.

I imagine that if there was a film made of the event it would have a really catchy tune to go along with it and Steve McQueen would probably play the role of the miscreant above.

Norwegian fire cats

April 5, 2010

We think we have at last identified what breed of cat Simon is.  Thanks to my mother who was watching a show featuring 1,000 cat breeds and had the nerve to watch all of them until she saw some that looked like ours.  Simon is a rare red form of the Norwegian Forest Cat, In fact so rare that we have the only known example of a Norwegian Fire Cat.  Henry doesn’t match all of the characteristics so he has been down graded to more of a smoldering or warm to the touch cat (rather than a true fire cat).

Unfortunately we had them fixed so we wouldn’t have to deal with even more cats in the future.  That means we will miss out on the astronomical stud fees that people get for their cats.  I found one breeder who charges over 700 Canadian Dollars (which is like 5,000 in real money).  Just so your cat can have sex with his cat (high class cat prostitution, eeewwwwww).  I also found this disturbingly named stud in a country entirely peopled by criminals.  Given the pedigree of our cats I have calculate that we have missed out on over 18 dollars in stud fees.  Oh well, I guess being paid for inducing feline coitus is not in the cards for us.