huge freak egg

November 16, 2009

the one on the right is a normal sized chicken egg

Gathering up the eggs one night I found this thing sitting in a nest box.  The one on the right is a regular sized egg.  When hens first start laying, all sorts of weird things can happen.  I cracked it open and there was another softer egg shell inside and a really watery yolk inside that.  I couldn’t bring myself to eat it though, it was just to strange.


fishing in Imnaha

November 12, 2009

slightly different climate than the farm

Bruce mounted a fishing expedition down to Imnaha, Erica and I tagged along.  Lots of fish were caught (mostly by Erica) but only one Steelhead keeper.  Imnaha is a really beautiful area just 30 miles east of Joseph, where it is on average 10 to 20 degrees warmer than up in the Wallowa Valley.

one of Erica's first steelhead

complete load of bull trout

bruce's steelhead ,23 inches

ugly face wednesday

November 11, 2009

I had to hold real still

green house greens

November 10, 2009

lettuce overlord

Erica has been growing salad mix in the green house and has started to sell it along with other assorted veggies.  Some of our customers from the farmers market couldn’t bear to see us go so they will be buying from us through the winter also.

electrified cows

November 9, 2009


the cows got a fancy new solar electric fence so we can move them around to overgrown areas of the property easier.  I only got shocked twice while installing it, I remembered my own name almost immediately (no lasting damage).

splitten time

November 8, 2009

the splito matic 5000

we spent about a week cutting, hauling and, splitting 9 cords of firewood.  We go through so much of it that it doesn’t make sense to stack it, instead we pile it inside the equipment shed and use about a wheelbarrow load a day.