splitten wood

October 25, 2011

Splitten like 40 cords of wood by myself in -20 degree weather uphill both ways!


purple vikings, agria, rose finn, russian bannana, butte, nicola are just some of the many types of spuds erica grew this summer and I just dug with my own two hands.

we farm sit for family

October 21, 2011

erica and I are taking care of the farm and the business while they take a much needed vacation.  The picture is out the window of our room this morning which looks a lot like a photo that was taken from the same spot in the spring three years ago when we first moved here

I had only been back a few days when we headed to Montana for our friends wedding.  It was very nice to see them and we hope that they decide to move back to the county in the future. Nicole Slater took the photos here are some more.

I made it back from the great white north and Henry  is still falling out of that damn tree.  I wanted to start posting, so let this be your warning that the pristine farm experience is about to get under way once again.

my photos are a bit off because my camera bit the dust up north so Im using a phone for now.  I will do my best but you know I phone pics are the new Polaroids.

I got back and helped Bruce with the second cutting, it feels good to be driving a tractor instead of a skiff for a change.