we dig a big hole

March 30, 2010

When Bruce said we were going to rent a track-hoe Immediately I thought the worst “warning- only. funny. to. Drew (O.F.T.D)”.  I Got really excited though when he explained to me that it was to dig/renovate an existing stock pond.

Erica’s uncle Max came down to do the digging while Bruce ran the tractor and I assumed a management position.  It took all of  four days to make a huge mess and create a really big puddle.  The pond is fed from one of the springs in the wild area and has two different levels because the ground sloped a lot more than we thought (Who needs a transit? these suckers).

My personal favorite event was plugging the leaking dams for the ninth time just to have all the water leak out again in the morning.

The day after it finally filled with water, some mallards took up residency, wildlife in action, hooray!



March 22, 2010

Our small town police dispatch log reads like a play by play account of the trials and travails of the town of Mayberry.  In the winter months the dispatch log mostly says “no incidents to report”,  but this week things took a turn for the worst.  I think we can all take a page out of deputy Fife’s book and nip this trend in the bud before it gets out of hand around here.

remember there won’t be any mollycoddling out there and be safe with your guns.

Wendy’s cousin Karen visited from southern California and brought gifts of hard to find and exotic fruits.  The most unusual of and photo worthy of these gifts was the cheriymoya.  Despite looking like a pimply ogre’s butt it tasted quite good, kinda like a papaya.  Thanks For the tastes of far off lands Karen.

The annual Wallowa county thrift store formal was quite an experience,  I have rarely been to parties that big, even in Portland. Everyone who was anyone in the county and us, raided the Soroptomist for the some of the fanciest clothes that you can get for 2 bits. Then congregated at the Hawkins girls (Nora) house in Wallowa. You were your own bartender, there was (dancing) and they hired a photographer for the occasion. We left quite early and quite sober compared to some but had an awesome  time playing dress up with a bunch of other adults.  In a county who’s residents usually conform to a strict dress code of Carharts and t-shirts it is nice to know they can clean up real pretty like.

you can see all the photos on the photographers website , here are a few of my favorites ones and some of our friends.

Rose and Greg

Jeremiah and Jen

Annie and Brandon

I don’t remember his name but his beard was awesome

another amazing dress

(nsfw… best shirt ever found at thrift store…. nsfw)

false spring

March 12, 2010

We new that 40 and 50 degree days couldn’t last forever, especially in march.  A surefire way  to induce the wrath of the snow gods is to prune tree’s or have guest rent the cabins.  Well, we did and it did.  It’s doing it right now in fact and tomorrow morning we should be knee deep in this white nonsense.

B.C. our oldest of two Scottish Highland calves is growing at an exponential rate.  He is 10 months old and should to continue to grow for another couple of years ( if not interrupted for a extended freezer stay).  Using the latest technology available to me (stealing from internet) I have estimated his growth for the next few years and extrapolated what I know about highland physiology into this digital rendering of his full grown self.

I must have made a few wrong calculations in quantum physics for the rendering.  You can understand my mistake however because the actual adult will be something like the picture below, which is just like a woolly mammoth but with a short trunk and the tusks in the wrong location.

I was planning to ride him in the Chief Joseph Days Parade .  I had bought a leopard skin outfit  for the occasion, but If he is not going to look the part then neither will I.  Besides, these jerks (below) seem to have beat me to it.

We have found a new niche here in the valley and are now semi-professional house sitters.  We have been house/castle sitting for the past 10 days in a secret mountain location known only as the “meadows”.   My favorite part of the job (other than getting paid for living in a mansion) were the two black Clydesdale stallions.  They were extremely calm and gentle, which is good because most horses would have tried to kill me if I had attempted similar antics with them.

Our friend Annie lives in a barn with a bunch of sheep (It’s much nicer than it sounds).  A lambing party took place last night when she invited us up to watch a few of them shoot out and have dinner afterward.  Kinda like dinner and a movie Wallowa county style.

major award, awarded!

March 2, 2010

Thank you all for your help in obtaining this major award.  Apparently having a blog and directing people from it to a specific sight then having them click something can make you money (interesting).   Everyone who voted will be receiving a check in the mail for 1/1000th of a share of the 20 dollar prize.