metal veggies

June 4, 2010

Most farmers’ markets have a dude playing fiddle or something. But not in Enterprise! There’s an outdoor concert program that runs all summer here, and it coincides with the Thursday farmers’ market so that people can go hear some tunes and get their veggies at the same time. The first band booked for the season was Stone Orchard, our local metal band. Picture me trying to explain the health benefits of kale to little old ladies while these guys played 10 feet away. And also bear in mind that the venue is a gazebo in the middle of town next to the courthouse on a perfectly manicured lawn. Kinda incongruous. But kinda awesome.


greens grow!

February 18, 2010

The greenhouse has awoken from it’s hibernation and has begun producing veggies and salad greens again.  Erica was able to harvest over 5 pounds of mixed greens the other day, Spring is unavoidable.

A plague has descended onto our little oasis of green in this desert of snow that is Wallowa Valley.  Seeking anything green these little monsters rise out of the ground at night like a horde of vegan zombies and pillage their way through the greenhouse laying waste to all in their path (example of pillage).

to combat these evil hordes we have a trap-line composed of mouse traps baited with strawberry bubble gum.  Experiencing limited success with this approach I have developed a plan B which is a combination of my cat and zombie fighter Ash from the Evildead films.  Henry (the cat) has proven reluctant to use the chainsaw I developed for him but he has taken surprisingly quickly to the double barrel shotgun,  The damage to the greenhouse may be irreparable but at least we took out a few of Satan’s favorite rodents along with it.

giant zucchini

August 11, 2009

look what I found

We found this zucchini in the green house, it had gotten away from us until it was to late,  It was stuffed and eaten in due order.

garlic time

July 19, 2009

these smell funny

digging, harvesting, tying and, hanging some really nice looking garlic.  I haven’t been having a lot of time for blog posts so I will try and fill in the gaps with mostly pictures and a little less writing.

string em up

it's important to protect bikes from vampires

54 tons of grass

July 12, 2009

as far as the eye can see

The term “ton” gets bandied about quite a bit, but I mean a ton as in 2,000 freaking pounds.  I have never seen so much hay in my entire life.  Since we believe in good clean living we decided to pick it all up by hand.  While our neighbors in the fields around us picked up 5 ton loads with heavy equipment in a matter of minutes we toiled away day after day handling each 58 pound bail as many as three times before getting it in the barn.

pretty sweet setup

The whole family (grand dad would have but he had other commitments) helped and our friends Cari and Wynn lent a hand also.

up the shoot

I am in awe of the old timers who had to use horses instead of tractors and pick up hay loose with pitchforks before piling it in the barn up to the rafters.

more hay than this barn has seen in fifty years

If anybody reading this is interested in some high quality timothy grass (race horse hay) we will give it to you for the screaming deal of 160 bucks a ton.  I’m looking at you drew, isn’t about time you got another bunny, bunnies like hay!


May 28, 2009

4 seeds per clump

Bodacious, Sugar dots, Seneca and, Quickie varieties of corn got the old planting treatment. We planted them in clumps rather than single rows to help in pollination and with watering.  As soon as we covered the corn with cloches a small plane flew over then came back again and again probably six times.  My guess is that the local law enforcement thought we might be planting something more than corn, something dangerous.

 fantastic green plastic