simon’s head swells up

February 25, 2012

Simon got into a fight or some such nonsense and then his head got infected and swollen.  He’s fine now thanks to Enterprise Animal Hospital who did a great job convincing me that my cats brains were not going to come out, Thanks!  For awhile he didn’t look very Simon like and was even more lethargic than normal if you can imagine that.  He now has a half shaved head and a big battle scar.


we made the paper again!

February 7, 2012

“Red alert! there are possible subversive pinko commie anarchist liberal types taking over the road ways of this fair county we call home.  Their preferred mode of transport is a futuristic form of  footwear likely developed by the devil himself “. (may or may not be actual excerpt from newspaper).

In all seriousness though, we feel that the time is right for a remake of the 1979 pile of steaming disco crap that is Roller Boogie.  So with this bold example of how low photoshop can go.  I hope to plant the seed of genius that will become a 90’s update to a 70’s movie made in 2012.

keep your eyes on the For the Record section of the news paper for more comedy gems like this one.


Imagine My surprise when I found these growing out of the ground at the farm.
My first thought was that  some weird bird food that Bruce put out for the quail went to seed.

once I got calmed down I realized that we where attempting to lasso the power of the  giant atomic bomb in the sky.  These particular arrays move around and track the sun across the sky making power much more efficiently than a fixed direction system.

this song is technically wrong, but sounds way better than the updated one, so deal with it!