I've been farther up that mountain than you been away from home

I had Erica drop me off at 5am at the end of lake shore road for the start to this “epic” hike.  From there I bushwhacked straight up the hill until I ran into the Chief Joseph trail (taking 2 miles out of the climb) then crossing the trail I went cross country again to eliminate another mile of switchbacks.  My route to the ridge top was up the first avalanche chute on the left in the picture above.  Once on top the route became pretty easy and I found a nice basalt band that held lots of fossils (neat).  Once I arrived at the top I called the Reiningers and they busted out the spotting scope to see me jump up and down like a idiot.

the summit turret in the upper right

I was discouraged that I hadn’t seen any goats yet because they were supposed to be everywhere.  I read the entries in the log book at the summit and 10 days previously someone had written “large group of goats on ridge to the west”.   I glanced up from reading and the picture below is what I saw.

goats ahoyyyyyyy !!!!!!!!!!

Deep in the clutches of mountain goat fever (m.g.f.) and forgetting to even take pictures from the top, I went tottering off towards the goats like a moth to a flame.  Sneaking around and through the herd I was able to get pretty close to a nanny and kid until they spotted me (here).

I think they notice me

After I recovered from seeing the goats and my m.g.f was under control I stopped to take a panorama video of my surroundings.  sawtooth is the pointy peak on the right and legore lake is just to it's left (not visible)

Following the long summit ridge west brought me to a small drainage leading down to Hurricane Creek and my final destination.  The viewpoint before I headed down the ankle twisting slope, showcased my next climb. Up Sawtooth Mountain and to Legore lake (highest lake in Oregon).


the air is so clean, it makes me sick!

simon stolen

July 21, 2009

somebody help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We met a little girl named Nevaeh and she stole our cat, luckily she was apprehended shortly after the crime was committed.  She refused to give Simon up until she became distracted by Henry.  We slipped them away in the confusion of the resulting battle.the purpitrator is cornered

simon praticing passive resistance

I think he might be getting tired of being held

garlic time

July 19, 2009

these smell funny

digging, harvesting, tying and, hanging some really nice looking garlic.  I haven’t been having a lot of time for blog posts so I will try and fill in the gaps with mostly pictures and a little less writing.

string em up

it's important to protect bikes from vampires

woooaaaaa  aaaaahhhhhhh

like all my bikes, the more I worked on this one the fancier it became.  Not so much a rough and tumble farm bike anymore it has morphed into one of the fanciest “mountain bikes” I have ever seen.  The handlebars, saddle and front rack disguise it’s origins but it’s geometry, tires, brakes and, gears still scream late 80’s steel mountain bike from Nashbar.  Instead of the farm and field I find my self using the bike more for rough gravel roads.  Being able to comfortably explore places that would be to far to take a true mountain bike but to rough to ride on a road frame.  No bike of mine is ever truly finished but this one is close enough to call complete.

holding up the irrigation pipe

my portebale lawn chair

and yet another pose

54 tons of grass

July 12, 2009

as far as the eye can see

The term “ton” gets bandied about quite a bit, but I mean a ton as in 2,000 freaking pounds.  I have never seen so much hay in my entire life.  Since we believe in good clean living we decided to pick it all up by hand.  While our neighbors in the fields around us picked up 5 ton loads with heavy equipment in a matter of minutes we toiled away day after day handling each 58 pound bail as many as three times before getting it in the barn.

pretty sweet setup

The whole family (grand dad would have but he had other commitments) helped and our friends Cari and Wynn lent a hand also.

up the shoot

I am in awe of the old timers who had to use horses instead of tractors and pick up hay loose with pitchforks before piling it in the barn up to the rafters.

more hay than this barn has seen in fifty years

If anybody reading this is interested in some high quality timothy grass (race horse hay) we will give it to you for the screaming deal of 160 bucks a ton.  I’m looking at you drew, isn’t about time you got another bunny, bunnies like hay!

fat little fluffs

Constructed out of electrical tubing and pure evil it should keep the predators off of the chicks.  While not my most beautiful construction it is pretty useful for protecting our “free range” meat birds.  The contraption has no bottom to allow the birds to eat up bugs and grass then expel fertilizer.  We will pick it up and slide it 10ft forward every couple of days to give them new ground to graze on.  It will keep the ground from getting compacted and torn up and result in healthier happier drumsticks.

the locals are in awe

the farm is over the top of that point in th foreground

and yet another pose

Cari came to see us and help with the hay situation.  The decibel level in the house reached record levels this past weekend and we are just now recovering.  We went on a short hike up Lostine canyon.

a full body spasm as erica keeps her distance

We rode the tram to the top of mount Howard.

how many things in this picture are blue?

We watched the fire works, went to the Soroptomist store, snuck up on baby deer, worked on armored chicken transports, and bucked hay until our eyes bled.  It was wonderful.  She is a great friend and we miss her a lot.

ugly face wednesday

July 8, 2009

terror on the tram