arrowhead chocolates

December 10, 2010

We have been real busy in the past couple months with getting this here chocolate shop thing off the ground.  Here (website) and here (face book). The complexities involved with starting a business are mind-boggling.  We opened last Saturday and even without advertising have done really well.  Our grand opening will be the 15th of January and we plan on having a open house/party with the shop being open later than usual.  If I get my way we will be showing the greatest movie ever made, Willy Wonka.  Here is a short tour around the shop with Erica.

we had our good friend Steve Arment do a mountain goat head for the wall in addition to the two big signs out front (we used 100 year old fence boards found on the ranch for the signs).

we were very fortunate to be able to serve Stumptown coffee, in fact I think we are the farthest shop east (unless you count the one in NYC).