world’s longest cat

May 31, 2009

genetic experiments are fun!

Simon refuses to come out of the box, afraid he will be labeled a freak in his current hideous form.


yes those are bullet holes

we picked kinda a doosie for the first hike.  The eight and a half mile trail down to the meeting of the Snake and Imnaha rivers doesn’t seem challenging, until you take into account the road to get there and the malicious flora and fauna.  The road was a single lane, dirt and a little bumpy with a quite a drop off.  A  loose bowling ball would have broken the sound barrier before hitting the bottom.  Lots of cringing and screaming happened whenever we would get too close to the edge (even Erica seemed slightly concerned).  Once we had found the cleverly disguised trail head we descended down into a 12 foot wide corridor between the river and cliff, choked with black berries and mountains of what we later found out were poison ivy. 12 foot wide strip of veitnamese jungle

After we extricated ourselves from the steamy jungle the path got a lot rockier and drier as it followed the river down the canyon.  Several more miles of trail later, I thought I heard something strange at my feet.  Lots of  jumping up and down for all parties involved and a piggy-back ride were the results of the encounter.  We were a bit jumpy from there on out, pulses would elevate considerably every time a twig would snap or a leaf would rustle.  Thankfully we didn’t see any more snakes on the hike, but we did see some Bighorn sheep. These two live ones and a dead one also.for cari

We finally made it down to the meeting of the Snake and Imnaha rivers. The foundation of an old mill is all that is left of the copper mining facilities at Eureka Bar.  After a short rest, we headed back up the trail through the snake infested jungle to the trail head.  I recommend this hike to anyone not afraid of bitey and stingy things, and to people who want a trail all to themselves.  Spectacular scenery and interesting wildlife (we saw many other species but these two just happened to be the most interesting) are top notch—I give it a thumbs up.this hike would have killed lesser men


May 28, 2009

4 seeds per clump

Bodacious, Sugar dots, Seneca and, Quickie varieties of corn got the old planting treatment. We planted them in clumps rather than single rows to help in pollination and with watering.  As soon as we covered the corn with cloches a small plane flew over then came back again and again probably six times.  My guess is that the local law enforcement thought we might be planting something more than corn, something dangerous.

 fantastic green plastic

back and uglier than ever

now with 100% more ugly.

had to climb a tree for this one

Spring has officially come to Wallowa valley.  Where two days ago there were no blossoms now the trees have exploded with blossoms and the accompanying bee hordes.

she's a beaut aint she

what could go wrong?

May 25, 2009

awe inspiringly awesome, I know

look what I got at a garage sale for 32 dollars.  On the way home we ran into a little trouble,  It looked a lot like this, yeahhhhhhhhhaaaaa!

glory be

Almost completed.  I have been putting off posting about the farm bike but I can’t take it any longer, so here it is.  To be complete I still need to finish the front rack and possibly order a new saddle (something a little classier looking).  So far I am happy with the gearing, In the fields the super low 22 gear inches works great (about the speed of a slow walk).  The jury is still out though on the handlebars, they look classy but the hand position is kinda weird.  More research is needed!

so much filing left to do

how to do chicks?

May 21, 2009

chicken serial number 204732 reporting for duty sir!!!

Forty eight balls of fluff came in the mail this morning.  They have strange and exciting names like buff orpingtons, araucanas, black australorps, and barred rocks.  They are settling in nicely to their new home.  Half of them will end up in the pot and half will be egg layers.  Let’s not talk about that right now though, let’s watch a video.

houses that are green

May 20, 2009

the chosen green house

We completed an additional green house to complement the original and add much needed room for more tomatoes.  We put the skin on in really warm weather and the inside instantly became slightly hotter than the surface temperature of the sun.  These things really work; when we were visiting on Thanksgiving it was 20 degrees outside and somewhere in the fifties inside.  Without these greenhouses the short  season here severely limits the stuff you can grow.

look no skin

digging beds

plastic is heavy

"I hate sunlight, snarf"

back by popular demand, the Simon