greens in the frozen wastes

March 13, 2013

bok,sok,mock, and rock choy

greens in march? impossible you say?.   The green house goes a long way towards helping us have this kind of crop in the winter months but the same could be done with a simple cold frame or even a few sheets of plastic.  The timing of planting is usually the important part of the equation. here is a artists rendering of our green house as I see it .

and this is how it looks to normal people.

1 of our green hauses

The temperature inside is somewhere between hot and a billion degrees.  Even on really cold days as long as the sun is shining it heats up quickly and is a great place for naps.  This Shangri-La of growing plants, also attracts freedom haters in the forms of pocket gophers. Example A.

the black box of doom

This small looking black box with springs is a type of mechanized warfare that we prefer to giant robots but of course is not as cool as a giant robots.


One Response to “greens in the frozen wastes”

  1. We are smokin’ out those freedom haters here at the park this week. All you need is a good lawn chair, gas cartridges, and a beefy shovel. Also, if you have extra time you should probably get some practice with the Whack a Mole at the arcade in Seaside, OR…if you can break a high score of 364 then you are ready.

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