fortress of solitude hike

February 18, 2011

went on a little walk down in Imnaha by myself where it is actually warm at this time of year.  This is my third attempt at this “peak”,  it took that long to find a route through the maze of cliffs and dead end ledges to the summit.  I picked this particular ridge because it was the gnarliest looking thing down in the canyon and it has two windows or caves that go all the way through.  These are visible from the road down by the river and has fascinated me since my first trip down in the canyon a few years ago.

there is also a biscuit tin in the first window that has dates going all the way back to 1917. According to the log book I am the first person in about 5 years to the first window and who knows for the second window and the summit, which are a little bit more confusing/hair-raising to get to.