i love my mommy

May 11, 2009

my mom

happy day after mothers day, getting ready to go east. Departure is Imminent.


happy birthday to me

happy birthday to me and to my good friends bailey and dirty joe.

stick a fork in it

May 4, 2009

cat shaped fork holder

The fork is done, filed, sanded, primed, and painted.

shaped canti base

The shape of the canti tab base is more for a functional reason than an aesthetic one.  I refuse to buy things for my bikes, relying more on reusing what I have.  Instead of spending the two bucks on canti tabs,  I cut them out of a wrecked frame that was laying around.  I did this once before and the hardest part was getting the tabs straight with the rest of the fork.  The star shape gave me a place to clamp the tab to the fork and made it that much easier to get them straight.  It also looks quite nice if I do say so myself.


i think it blinked

Wallowa lake park has some frighteningly tame mule deer.  Technically they are wild, but you would never know it, they approach you the second you sit down at a picnic table.  The deer stay in the park, mostly because people feed them, there are no predators, and no hunting pressure.  The occasional encounter with a tourist,s lap dog is a small price to pay for what amounts to a gated deer retirement village.  It is well worth the drive up to the lake just see them.  The park doesn’t recommend approaching wildlife, and feeding them will get you a fine but if you want close-up  pictures of  some huge deer then this is your place.

so many tubes

April 30, 2009

coming along

The second top tube went on with nary a hiccup.  Like any brazing job 80% of it was filing over and over to get the smooth transition between joints. I will now stop adding tubes before it becomes the bicycle equivalent of this.  While the bike is never going to be a Bombadil replica (I’m using 26 inch instead of 650 wheels) I would like to fit the general aesthetics of Rivendell’s bikes. That means the fork has got to be lugged.  At first i was at a loss because a lugged fork for a 26 inch wheel is impossible to get short of having one custom made ($$$$$).  As I was swimming through my junk pile like that monster from the Deathstar’s trash compactor, it came to me and I broke the surface gasping for air and clutching a fork for a 27 inch wheel. Surprisinglysceptical arn't you the measurements for both forks are almost identical right down the rake. The differences are; the fork blades aren’t round, there are no cantilever brake tabs, and the crown/blades are narrower.  Since I can only use 1.5 inch tall tires (because of height issues with the frame) the narrow crown won’t effect clearance. The canti tabs will be a little bit of work but not insurmountable. The only thing that slightly worries me is the blade design, those big round tubes on the original fork are supper stiff and can take a lot of side to side forces while the 27 inch road fork was designed for mostly front to back loads. If any failure happens I won’t be going very fast anyway given that the farm doesn’t have hills, but it is still something to keep my eye on. Really though the fork should be the least of my worries on this bike.  Now for more brazing (filing) putting on the canti tabs.

ugly face wednesday

April 29, 2009

join us or the kitty will get angrier

inspired by the best ugly face maker i have ever known

whiz bang kapowie zowie

April 28, 2009

these chickens won't pluck themselves

a new project has been added to the list for this summer. Plans and materials have been purchased for the most marvelous of modern inventions, a whiz bang chicken plucker. Basically the device resembles a washing machine that you throw dead chickens in.  If you want to pluck a lot of chickens in a short time and your name isn’t Ernest Hausen then this is the device for you.


April 27, 2009

This is the direction that I want the farm bike build to go in.  The double top tube is going to solve several problems. Namely that the top and down tubes are both slightly deformed  just behind the head tube. This didn’t even have to be from a very serious collision, the geometry of a frame so large makes that area  susceptible to  damage. The extra top tube will make a smaller/ stronger front triangle, allow me places to mount things like a shovel or tool holder, and make my bike  look really similar to one that cost more than all of my bikes combined. A old bike building proverb says that “three bent tubes are better than two straight ones


April 24, 2009

ya ya yah

It is not the most beautiful solution but the easiest, and probably the strongest. The “patch” came from seat tube of a crashed Bianchi.  The thinner walled tubing was easy to shape and blended nicely with the down tube.  Now on to the braze-on.  I committed a sin and stole the 3 hole cable guide from a perfectly good frame, I needed it and I don’t have the time to wait for one to come in the mail. The patch on the chainstay went super smooth.

and how

now to throw parts at it

views of wallowa county

April 21, 2009

windy much?

Apparently it has been this way for awhile. High winds coming out of hurricane creek canyon ripped the crap out of this barn.  This was one of the highlights from a November bike ride near Joseph several years ago.