ugly face wednesday?

October 28, 2009



magical multiplying cows

October 27, 2009

so fuzzy

Holly the cow had her baby without much fuss or drama.  One minute she was walking around eating and the next there was a baby calf in the pen with her. We haven’t gotten to close to them because holly’s horns are a bit fearsome but from a distance at least the new calf looks quite healthy, and furry as hell.

nbc (new bull calf)

cold indeed

October 26, 2009

how you like them apples

frozen apples, frozen everything.

the barn even froze

snow destroys tree

October 25, 2009

look, firewood!

Heavy snows and trees full of leaves, created a huge mess and lots of extra firewood.  This used to be a 38 year old ash tree in the middle of the yard.

last farmer’s market

October 24, 2009

vegatables in the snow

It snowed for our last farmer’s market, a fitting farewell to a season of thunderstorms, rain, and early frost.  We were lucky to be able to meet all of the great people involved with the market and we will miss the community events that the Enterprise and Joseph Farmer’s Markets have become.

bovine beauty defined

October 12, 2009

a truly stunning silhouette (a little scary)

Two new farm residents have been added in the form of a pregnant cow and a bull calf .  They are Scottish Highland Cattle (read here).  They are known for their awesome foraging abilities as well as their resilience in cold weather.  We are not on the farm right now so these beautiful pictures were taken by Bruce and Wendy.almost to cute to eat (almost)

drew and melissa visit

October 3, 2009

look, there in the water!

holy spawned out kokanee bat man

where are we?

melissa can fly, she's really good at it.