Yes mom I looked up the warning signs of rabies,  as far as I can tell this little guy doesn’t have any of them. Young skunks are on the look out for new territory and food so you tend to see them more in the day time (especially in early spring when their mothers kick them out in anticipation of giving birth again).

why hello there

I had visions of my self like this.  I would use them much like a falconer uses his birds except to do awful ultimate evil of a stinky variety.

watch it punk


you can never be to careful when dealing with the stinkiest of all tiny bears, here is a shot of him cocked locked and ready to rock.

snow skunk


I have named him Tony Montana because this is a picture of him doing a huge pile of coke  (he reminded me of that scene in Scar Face ).


pristine book experiences

November 13, 2012

One of the blogs I look at a lot is the embarrassingly great named Cabin Porn blog.  They just posted the above picture of a book that I recently came to own.  A friend of mine alerted me to a yard sale at a unoccupied home where anything that did not initially sell was free.  most things left over were not all that interesting after all people had been going over it all day at already ridiculously low Wallowa County yard sale prices. I have to explain that digging through old junk piles looking for treasures is one of my favorite things in the world.  In the back of a shed I found piles of cardboard boxes that contained a vast array of books.  The ones that I found most interesting could be classified under the broad category of hippy back to the land type books. I gathered them up and will post about them occasionally.  read more about Living the good life.

speaking of books

This is the first post in quite some time, I will try and bring it up to speed with my life and the farm.  Bear with me while I try and remember how to be witty.

simon’s head swells up

February 25, 2012

Simon got into a fight or some such nonsense and then his head got infected and swollen.  He’s fine now thanks to Enterprise Animal Hospital who did a great job convincing me that my cats brains were not going to come out, Thanks!  For awhile he didn’t look very Simon like and was even more lethargic than normal if you can imagine that.  He now has a half shaved head and a big battle scar.

we made the paper again!

February 7, 2012

“Red alert! there are possible subversive pinko commie anarchist liberal types taking over the road ways of this fair county we call home.  Their preferred mode of transport is a futuristic form of  footwear likely developed by the devil himself “. (may or may not be actual excerpt from newspaper).

In all seriousness though, we feel that the time is right for a remake of the 1979 pile of steaming disco crap that is Roller Boogie.  So with this bold example of how low photoshop can go.  I hope to plant the seed of genius that will become a 90’s update to a 70’s movie made in 2012.

keep your eyes on the For the Record section of the news paper for more comedy gems like this one.


Imagine My surprise when I found these growing out of the ground at the farm.
My first thought was that  some weird bird food that Bruce put out for the quail went to seed.

once I got calmed down I realized that we where attempting to lasso the power of the  giant atomic bomb in the sky.  These particular arrays move around and track the sun across the sky making power much more efficiently than a fixed direction system.

this song is technically wrong, but sounds way better than the updated one, so deal with it!

trees attacking bridges

December 22, 2011

We lose a couple of trees to wind (they turn into evil tree robots) every winter on the farm. Last year we had a pine tree take out some power lines and now we had a old rotten aspen score a direct hit on the bridge.

So far this year only a bridge has been a victim of the evil trees that fly on the high winds coming out of Hurricane Creek canyon, some of our neighbors have not been so lucky though.   The tree was mostly dead when I got to it otherwise it probably would have put up more of a fight while I cut it up.

A few hours with the saw and the aspen was reduced to rounds to be dried out for next winters fire place (while not the best firewood, robots still burn great).  There is only minimal damage to the bridge but we should probably have Zack and/or a structural engineer come out to the farm and look at it just to be safe.

We got a baby Woolly Mammoth as a early Christmas present, Holly had been acting kinda weird all morning so Bruce had me check on her mid-day and this is what I found standing (still wet) next to her in the middle of the field. The other cows seemed a little confused as to why a tiny cow fell out of Holly, but cows are easily confused.

Scottish Highland Cattle are a really hardy breed so even though it is not the most
Ideal time of year for a calf to be born he is doing well and getting fuzzier by the day.

He never gets to far from his mother and he will probably inherit her bad temper but for now he is as cute as a button.

I changed my trucks shoes to studs recently.  Wallowa county is one of the places in Oregon where studded tires actually make sense.  My two wheel drive truck is almost undrivable with out them nearly half of the year.

Maybe it’s my fault for living up here in the mountains but my truck gets great gas mileage and is the only one I’ve got. So until studded tires get banned in Oregon this is the little ritual I go through every year in November.


It’s November on the farm and that means the “wildlife/tame deer” are as thick as well,   deer during mating season.  All of the big bucks that never show themselves the rest of the year suddenly appear anywhere that there are does (like the back yard).

There are quite a few Whitetail around also but they are a lot sneakier and don’t allow you to just walk up and take a picture like the mulies.  Bruce has a trail cam set up in the wild area that got this guy.

and this funny looking thing too.