The good news is that I only have to commute once a year to my new job, the bad news is that it takes  eighty four hours one way.  I am not a huge fan of flying (especially with a firearm) so I took the ferry up.  You can literally walk on the ferry with a tactical shotgun and 60 rounds of ammo and no one will bat an eye.  I got to see a whole bunch of the inside passage that I missed last time due to a unexpected delay in Ketchikan (I’m looking at you dad).

It only rained 8 or 9 times a day with highs around 60, so for S.E. Alaska it was kinda a heatwave.

There is nothing like being trapped on a boat for 3 days to make you get to know people you might not get to talk to other wise.  There was the guy who was going to be a bike cop in Skagway and the woman who was starting a job in Juneau with sled dog tours, but the person that was the most interesting was the guy who was trying to capture the Jeffery Lebowski of Alaska look. I had 6 hour conversations with him about everything from organic vegetables and commuting between Arizona and Alaska twice a year to the socioeconomic problems in Indonesia.  I’m really sorry I don’t have pictures of these people I met but we hadn’t reached the all important “can I take a picture of you for my blog” stage of our friendship yet.

and in other news it appears that the age-old debate orangutans or ewoks has finally been settled.