I wasn’t really expecting it but I got to help out with the spring bear hunting season.  My boss and his father are registered guides and let me go along to learn the tricks of the trade.   We did two separate hunts with a total of 5 hunters, two guides and, two deck hands on the boat (me and a guy named Mitch).  The first group  was comprised of the guys from Huntx3   they were trying for a bow kill had several clear shots took one and missed but had a great time seeing over 30 bears in the 5 days they were with us. 

The second group was Dan Henderson his buddy Wayne, J.T Hardin of Hardcore Hunting tv and Chad from Juneau.  Dan had a shot with a bow but missed and Wayne finally ended up connecting on a 8 1/2 ft boar with a rifle. 

there are literally bear everywhere.  the statistics are 1.7-2.5 bears for every square mile, so somewhere around 3,500 bears at any given time are on the island.  

We lived and hunted out of the 41 ft boat seen above, slightly cramped with 6- 8 people aboard but a really nice place to stay and much better than a wall tent for this area.

The most interesting hunter of the group had to be Chad.  “Now I’m not legally allowed to guide a hunter so I just observed while a legally licensed guide worked with him”.   We had him on three different bear at 300, 100, and 75 yrds.  He took a total of 7 shots, hit himself with the scope twice and managed to break the floor plate on the rifle’s magazine (red string).  Later we found out that he didn’t have a whole lot of experience with guns or hunting, and he was left handed (he had borrowed a right hand rifle from us).

He was a great sport and didn’t get to frustrated.  He considers himself lucky because  all in all how many people get to shoot at 3 brown bear in 3 days.  It was really good experience for me also, a whole lot more informative than someone dropping a bear 20 ft from the skiff on the first day of the hunt.