projects ?

April 20, 2009

it's barntacular

There are lots of things on the big list for this summer. Among them are, furnish and get operational a small machine shop, micro-hydro power, build foot bridges, level a sagging barn (not the one pictured), and excavate a pond. Some other small projects round out the list but these are the heavy hitters.


farm bike build

April 19, 2009


I have a really hard time passing up free bikes, at first glance this one seemed like a gem. A large sized cromolly steel  mtb frame with a sealed bottom bracket, friction shifters and a triple chain ring.  I got the bike home and realized there were a few things wrong, namely two ridiculous holes cut in the frame for no real reason.oh that kinda sucks

this was kinda a bummer, there was a hole in the frame strategically placed where the braze on was.  I could probably fix this with a sleeve cut from another bike including the braze-on. Then I saw this………

holy mother of god

I’m not afraid of a challenge, so why not give it the old college try, with a approach similar to the fix for the rear of the bike. It might look hideous but how pretty does it really need to be?

Oregon’s Alps

April 17, 2009

looking south east toward Cheif Joseph Mt.

looking southeast toward Chief Joseph Mt.

People claim the Wallowa Valley is the closest thing to the Alps outside of Switzerland. This relatively high elevation area is made up of a mostly agricultural community surrounded by the Eagle Cap wilderness area to the south and west, Hell’s canyon to the east, and high plains to the north. These features form an “island” of  isolation – you only get there if it’s your destination. A perfect location if you’re running away from a city, even one as nice as Portland.

The Grand Experiment

April 14, 2009

Final preparations are underway to move to the my girlfriend’s parents’ farm for the summer. We are both quitting our jobs during the worst recession in generations, i.e. “recessagedon”. While most people are losing jobs, to freely give ours up is more than a little frightening.  Our jobs are both decent forms of employment but we encountered the age old problem of spending all our time making money, then discovering we had spent all our money and all our time.  We realized that working 9-5 for someone else is not for us right now.  We are lucky that we don’t have any debts or serious obligations in our lives at present, so we are going to give a little farm a long way from nowhere a try for the summer.