let sleeping skunks lie, or not

March 4, 2013


Yes mom I looked up the warning signs of rabies,  as far as I can tell this little guy doesn’t have any of them. Young skunks are on the look out for new territory and food so you tend to see them more in the day time (especially in early spring when their mothers kick them out in anticipation of giving birth again).

why hello there

I had visions of my self like this.  I would use them much like a falconer uses his birds except to do awful ultimate evil of a stinky variety.

watch it punk


you can never be to careful when dealing with the stinkiest of all tiny bears, here is a shot of him cocked locked and ready to rock.

snow skunk


I have named him Tony Montana because this is a picture of him doing a huge pile of coke  (he reminded me of that scene in Scar Face ).


One Response to “let sleeping skunks lie, or not”

  1. Mom said

    Yes, now I feel better.

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