trees attacking bridges

December 22, 2011

We lose a couple of trees to wind (they turn into evil tree robots) every winter on the farm. Last year we had a pine tree take out some power lines and now we had a old rotten aspen score a direct hit on the bridge.

So far this year only a bridge has been a victim of the evil trees that fly on the high winds coming out of Hurricane Creek canyon, some of our neighbors have not been so lucky though.   The tree was mostly dead when I got to it otherwise it probably would have put up more of a fight while I cut it up.

A few hours with the saw and the aspen was reduced to rounds to be dried out for next winters fire place (while not the best firewood, robots still burn great).  There is only minimal damage to the bridge but we should probably have Zack and/or a structural engineer come out to the farm and look at it just to be safe.


One Response to “trees attacking bridges”

  1. Zack Maril said

    I got 99 problems but a tree ain’t one. In all likelihood, the tree probably pushed it further into the ground and made it sturdier. Maybe a slat cracked or something but I would wager it is still sound.

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