back from alaska and back on the farm

October 9, 2011

I made it back from the great white north and Henry  is still falling out of that damn tree.  I wanted to start posting, so let this be your warning that the pristine farm experience is about to get under way once again.

my photos are a bit off because my camera bit the dust up north so Im using a phone for now.  I will do my best but you know I phone pics are the new Polaroids.

I got back and helped Bruce with the second cutting, it feels good to be driving a tractor instead of a skiff for a change.


4 Responses to “back from alaska and back on the farm”

  1. Duncan Galvin said

    This is good news! I was getting tired of feeling (feline?) sorry for Henry. “No, Henry… don’t dooooo iiiit!”

  2. Herman said

    I really miss you, we had such a sweet time.
    I miss you, Will you finish the Gay Alaska Magazine??

    Bullshit Bob.

  3. cvydesign said


  4. Mary Vander Yacht said

    I missed you!!! Welcome back.

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