prairie house

January 4, 2011

We are currently house-sitting a property (lower right of photo above) for a couple who spend winters in Arizona.  For those of you who think we live in the middle of nowhere the above photo should prove just how wrong you are; we live about 40 miles from the Seven Devils mountains of Idaho which is definitely somewhere. We’ll be living here for about five months.

We live in an old farm house with some drafts here and there. We have a warm wood stove though and a big woodpile. The property is surrounded by summer cattle range and prairie. This time of year it is windy and cold (it gets down to minus 10 at night).  The sun shines a large amount of the time, however, and it’s really beautiful in a lonely, windswept, stark sort of way.  The day that I took these photos was around 25 and nice out so we went for a hike on the property behind us that rises a few hundred feet above the valley floor.

Looking south towards the Eagle Caps with Chief Joseph Mt. in middle.


4 Responses to “prairie house”

  1. Erin said

    Hi. Where is this place? It looks very familiar and reminds me of where we lived on the Zumwalt for eight years. It’s nice in the brightness above the fog and smoke of the valley, yes?

  2. Ruby said

    Oh wow….it’s so beautiful!

  3. M said

    I’m a film director in Idaho looking for a white farmhouse with a mountain backdrop and I came across these images online. SO gorgeous! I was hoping you could put me in touch with the owner of the property so I could ask about filming there for a day this winter.

    Here is my website and email address:

    What a cool place to house sit!

    Thank you,

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