hike to frances lake

September 20, 2010

I haven’t done many hikes this summer, and I’m really glad I did this one. Frances Lake is one of the many mountain lakes in the Eagle Caps and it’s a 9 mile hike in. There are a lot of switchbacks and you start to wonder if you’ll ever get there. We left at 5:30 p.m., so we had to hike the last couple of hours in the dark. It got cold. Morale started to wane. We met up with Caitlin’s family, who’d already been camping there for a few days. Moods improved considerably when we discovered that they had a warm campfire and no less than 4 different, excellent brands of whiskey to sample. We sat around the fire and sampled a fair bit. The rest of the whiskey appeared in the morning, as we all received “ticker starters” when we woke up. Coffee and whiskey go together just too well, especially when camping at high mountain lakes in the middle of the wilderness.

This is the view from our camping site. There was no one else around. I caught a trout for breakfast not too far from here. I’d brought some veggies from the garden and I fried it up. It tasted awesome after all that trail mix.

I went with a bunch of friends, who all had better backpacking gear than I did. They didn’t give me too much crap for it though, even when I busted out my tiny, dim, handheld flashlight when they all had halogen headlamps that are probably visible from Mars. They are a nice bunch.

We had a great view of Twin Peaks mountain, among others.

Caitlin’s dad, Peter, and granddad, Les, and some friends of theirs, were the ones we met up with when we got up to the lake. Les is 75, a Montanan, and tough as a boot. He kept us all chugging along at a fast clip. Caitlin’s family name is Blood and they are apparently descended from a pirate named Peter Blood. There’s even a movie about him, where he’s played by Errol Flynn. I wish I was descended from a famous pirate. Some people have all the luck.

Going back down the ridge was hard on our knees. We got to see all the cool stuff we’d missed in the dark the night before, though.

Do this hike if you get a chance, it’s amazing.


One Response to “hike to frances lake”

  1. Annie said

    Nice pics, Erica!! Jealous…..

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