napoleon is no more

September 15, 2010

We aren’t quite sure why Napoleon died. Was it arsenic? An overdose of impotent fury? Or an old-fashioned hawk attack? The latter is our guess, because we found a very tired, wounded hawk out near the chicken coop around the time he disappeared. If it was the hawk, it won, but barely. We never found Napoleon’s body though, so it’s quite a mystery. Will he get an entourage of banty hen angels to lead him to the next world? We hope so. Bye, Napoleon. Go fight somebody in the afterlife.

We will always remember him thus:


4 Responses to “napoleon is no more”

  1. Bruce said

    I was SHOCKED when my own daughter’s first theory regarding Napoleon’s disappearance was that I, HER OWN FATHER, had something to do with it. I must admit he was a pain in the cloaca and I will admit further that had he transgressed too many more times (i.e. jumping at cabin guests) I would have been tempted to show him the inside of a killing cone, BUT I did not touch a single feather on his cocky little head. Goodbye Napoleon, we enjoyed your stay and wish you well in whatever chicken afterlife you earned.

  2. pristinefarmexperience said


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