P.A.E.: admiral scuttlebutt

September 14, 2010

The unidentified baby bird that I found floating in the ocean a few months ago turned out to not be a pterodactyl but a hideous seagull, or flying rat of the sea—whatever you want to call it.  I now know why people don’t usually keep them as pets.  They crap every 20 seconds or so (to great distance) and he would bite everyone but me.  He  got so spoiled from me feeding him fresh fish scraps that he refused to eat bread crumbs or even 2 day old fish.  Who has ever heard of a picky seagull?

He would come to me when I whistled for him and let me hold him occasionally, but mostly just squawk at me and try to peck the eyes of the pet geese we have up here.

Anyway he grew up and flew farther and farther away each day until one day he didn’t come back.   Hopefully he has learned to not be so picky down at the fish processing facility by the city harbor, where the rest of his hoard hangs out.  I leave you with this seagull themed space invaders update to waste some time with—enjoy and I will be back to the south lands soon.

P.S. I dont really feel that bad about scuttles anymore because I just discovered that I know someone who has met Richard Simmons, now I can check that one off the list.


3 Responses to “P.A.E.: admiral scuttlebutt”

  1. Annie said

    awwww… I’d say “Sad!….” but… i’m not going to. i hope you enjoyed your flying crap rat while you could. now it can go infest crap-filled lands afar. does the bus smell better? heh heh

  2. Annie said

    p.s. one good thing about iowa: no flying crap rats. at least not that i’ve seen so far. hallelujah.

  3. pristinefarmexperience said

    he hadn’t lived in the bus for quite awhile but it still does have a tiny hint of seagull about it.

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