cat carrier

August 28, 2010

Simon has discovered that if he takes a flying leap at the back of my neck when I’m sitting or bending down and then digs his claws in, it’s nearly impossible for me to get him off. He seems to feel entirely entitled to this behavior. Ever tried to get a cat off your back when they don’t want to go anywhere? Not easy. So I end up wearing him like a scarf around the house and the garden. A warm, fuzzy, angry scarf with sharp claws.


3 Responses to “cat carrier”

  1. Clyda Houck said

    What a great accessory for any outfit!

  2. cvydesign said

    Erica, it’s just that Simon knows that he looks great with your coloring.

  3. Jeanne said

    I can’t wait to see Simon and Henry! They’re so grown up. Oh, and I guess it will be fun to see you and Tyler, too. 😛

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