barn party and pig roast

August 17, 2010

We got the pig from Nora Hawkins, who raised it. It was a young pig, 7o lbs or so (live weight.) We stuffed it with onions, apples, and apricots, and tied it up tight. Cari helped me foil the hooves, head, and tail so they wouldn’t cook too fast.

I’d never roasted a pig before. Neither had Dad, or Annie. But we’re up for trying stuff. We borrowed the steampunk-esque, propane tank-turned-BBQ you see in the photo above (no, Tyler did NOT make it), which would probably be big enough to roast a whole cow in with room to spare. There’s a wood stove on one end and a propane torch on the other. The propane torch goes out a lot, I discovered. I had to keep checking on it all night and all day.

We roasted the pig for about 20 hours on low heat, around 200 degrees.

My dad and Kirk Skovlin, (he loaned us the BBQ and showed us what to do to cook our beast) did the slicing and dicing honors.

Roast pork, baked beans, mac ‘n’ cheese, buttermilk biscuits, collard greens, pickles, and BBQ sauce. All of it homemade from scratch. Doesn’t get ANY better than that. The pig turned out perfect, somehow, despite the three of us greenhorns who were cooking it.

Dessert was also all homemade: banana cream pie, berry cake/tart/thingy, a bunch of other yummy stuff, and Annie made ice cream, two flavors, both AWESOME. So of course she got to lick the paddle.

The food was so good even 6 month old babies who don’t eat solid food yet approved of it.

We took the party up into the hayloft when it got dark. Dudes on rafters drinking beer. What could go wrong?

Barn party dance floor. Sweet!

This party is definitely happening again. It was super awesome and I still get hungry thinking about all the food. Next year we roast a wildebeest! Cari, you can get us one, right? And kill it and skin it? Thanks lady!


3 Responses to “barn party and pig roast”

  1. Annie said


  2. Ruby said

    I want all that food in my mouth right now!!!

  3. cvydesign said

    Slow and Low is how we roll.

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