P.A.E.; ear mountain

August 3, 2010

The most prominent mountain visible from town is Ear Mountain (named for looking like bear ears).  Of course this is the one that I wanted to climb first. The only problem with mountain climbing in coastal A.K. is waiting for good weather.  On one of the rare days when free time lined up with that good weather I decided to try and make a run for the top before the clouds sucked back in on the island.

I had a little difficulty finding someone to go with me so I decided to go alone, which is not something you usually do in bear country.   Armed with the hand cannon I set out.

I made my way through the devils club and other brush encircling the mountain like living high security defenses.  Singing and yelling the whole time to scare off the bears (it seemed to work – I didn’t see one other living thing all day).

Anyway, I made the top, It was beautiful, I love mountain climbing. Enjoy the pics!


6 Responses to “P.A.E.; ear mountain”

  1. Clyda Houck said

    I would have gone with you! Yah, right. Really beautiful views.

  2. Annie said

    Awesome pictures! Good work! That’s what it looks like there all the time, right? All that sun, right?

  3. Erica said

    Aww, miss you. Beautiful photos!

  4. Wendy said

    Very beautiful photos – I love that first one, from what looks like lupine all the way up to the top of the mountain. So what’s the elevation of that mountain?

  5. Lesarus said

    OMG how beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Please be careful nephew, you scare me sometimes! (Ok, I’ll stop worrying)

  6. cvydesign said


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