eat pie! win a kitten!

August 2, 2010

Free pie! Free kittens! Why wouldn’t all of Wallowa County line up at my booth? We asked people to try all 12 kinds of homemade pie and then vote for their favorite. It seems to be a lot easier to get people to vote for pie than it is to get them to vote for politicians. This tells me we should start electing pies into office instead of people. They’d probably get more accomplished, anyway.

Caitlin and I had found a hungry-looking kitten in a barn and decided to try to find it a home at the market. A couple of teenage girls went berserk over it but couldn’t convince their parents to let them take it home on the plane to Alaska. I told them they could have a pet seagull instead, but they declined for some reason. They went away, moping. Lexi Fluit took the kitten in the end, and it’s going to go live on a ranch near here. Probably just as well. Simon and Henry were scared to death of it anyway, so it couldn’t have lived with me.

The winner was a strawberry-banana cream pie made by—ahem—me. I know it looks like there might have been some funny business, with the organizer of the contest being the winner… but I really had nothing to do with it. The people have spoken.

Second and third place go to my mother for her fresh peach-strawberry and raspberry pies, respectively, so it was a clean sweep by the Reiningers. Yeehaw!


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