P.A.E.; “da bear” tours

July 31, 2010

It took awhile to amass enough pics to do this post, people get nervous when I ask them to hold my gun for me so I can take a few shots of the bear.  Me and my partner in crime “quick draw” pick up clients from a landing craft on the beach then take them to several secret locations where there are usually some bears.  Get them safely close enough to get all the photos they want then get them to an airplane and back to Juneau. 

It isn’t always that easy though, sometimes all you will be able to spot is a ear through the “jungle”.  When that is not even possible you have to make you clients excited to see tracks, scratch marks on trees or even the top of the excitment list ( bear shit).   

bears being evil animals will try anything in their vast arsenel of powers to avoid detection so I have a pair of these bad boys on order.

As far as a job goes this is one of the best I’ve ever had, even when we don’t see bear it is still as easy as pie you just have to be extra charming, no problem here.


One Response to “P.A.E.; “da bear” tours”

  1. Annie said

    dude. i am so jealous of your night vision goggles. or whatever those were. do you get to bring them home? we miss you!

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