huge bales

July 18, 2010

Haying this year was a cinch. All we did was use this fossil fuel stuff instead of our backs to cut, bale, load, and haul away our hay. It took a couple hours to pick up 60 tons of hay instead of last year’s three days that felt like three years (plus much more time to get it out from under tarps and all in the barn). I can sort of understand in a much more visceral way why people like oil-based products so much. Diesel is sort of incredible and deserves a certain respect, if begrudgingly.

The bales will be hauled to a port, loaded on a cargo ship and taken to Japan, where people will feed it to their milk cows. According to some quick googling I just did,  timothy hay (that’s what ours is) provides the much needed fiber to attain the high butter fat required of Japanese milk producers. In this country timothy hay is mostly fed to race horses and pet rabbits. So there you go.


3 Responses to “huge bales”

  1. Bruce said

    As a frame of reference, Erica, those bales were 3ft x 4ft x 8ft long and weighed about 1,200 lbs each. That is the equivalent of 20 of last year’s small bales! No wonder it went so much faster this year.

    • pristinefarmexperience said

      Thanks for the specs, Dad! Oh yes, I forgot to mention that there will be a Second Cutting (that’s where a giant bale descends out of the sky and takes all repentant bales to the great hay barn in the heavens. Or something.) We will be picking up that one by hand, and feeding it to our cows. There will be much less hay in that round, luckily.

  2. cvydesign said

    Bucking hay!

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