legore lake revisited

July 13, 2010

I took my second trip to Legore Lake this past weekend with a posse of girls. We went earlier in the season this year, so there was still a lot of snow and ice around. It was hot though.

The water was just above 32°, but we all dove in eventually. I did an unintentional, freezing cold, naked hopping-up-and-down dance on a rock after getting out that my friends found very amusing (sorry Tyler, no pictures of that).

Spring is in full swing at Legore Lake right now. The lake basin looks bare at first glance but when you start looking around you find tons of little flowers and lots of bright orange lichen. (All photos taken by my housemate Lissa)

We sat on some rocks at the summit and spied on everything going on down below us.

Caitlin and I hauled some Terminal Gravity ESG all the way to the top just so we could do this (see above) for a while before we had to go back down.

There were still a lot of snow fields at the top and it was a giant slide back down the mountain. A pretty awesome way to travel except for the butt-freezing factor.

Legore Lake is such a cool hike, and I always want to take visitors on it, but it’s pretty hard (at least for small-time, hobbyist hikers such as myself). It’s something close to 4,000 feet elevation gain in four miles, and it took us nearly 5 hours to hike up and 2 1/2 to get back down. All in all it’s a nice little hike (as I’m sure Tyler will agree).


6 Responses to “legore lake revisited”

  1. Annie said

    JEALOUS!!! Can we go backpacking next weekend when I’m home? During Chief Joseph Days?

  2. Bruce said

    I count four (4) hikers and not a fishing pole among them. Have I taught you nothing Erica?

  3. pristinefarmexperience said

    amazingly good photos

  4. caitlin blood said

    all of your mcbloggins make me laugh out loud in public places where i get internet and then i look like a total moron. THANKS ERICA. for the laughs. and for the books you brought home today, they’re maaaaaaaagical. miss you terrrrrrrrrribly at home.

  5. Jason LeGore said

    Our family has been talking for years about taking a hike up there before we all get to hard. Hopefully we can take a shot at it next summer. Your pictures are beautiful. 🙂

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