P.A.E.;living in a schoolbus in Alaska

July 11, 2010

I was given a choice  of whether I wanted to have a room above the coffee shop, in the house, or a converted school bus.  You could have guessed wich one I chose even without the picture.  While the room in the house is free I sleep there and work on making the bus more comfortable. 

So far it has 4 bunks, a wood stove,  curtains, and a bench/storage area.  I’m working on electricity and making the bunks more comfortable but other than that, it is livable. 

I don’t drive it around much because it isn’t quite street legal with California plates and a stove pipe sticking out the side but it is nice to know that it could be driven if the urge struck me.


2 Responses to “P.A.E.;living in a schoolbus in Alaska”

  1. Ed said

    The caption should read:
    That !%? Dam kid F–ks up every thing he touches

  2. pristinefarmexperience said

    Erica here: There was almost a family altercation over Ed’s comment (above) cause we all thought he was talking to Tyler but we now know it’s a joke only Tyler and Ed get. SheeeEEeesh.

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