old barn renovation

June 21, 2010

It seems all we do around here is fix up old barns. This one is a less flashy but highly useful barn nearby the white one where we keep chickens, farm equipment, and huge mountains of firewood. Some previous owner neglected to put any gutters on it, so all the rainwater dripped straight down into the foundation and caused the barn to sink in an almost entirely different way than this fake American McMansion into a Venice waterway.

Local builder Kirk Skovlin and his crew jacked up the barn, pulled out all the old cement foundation blocks, and re-poured new ones. Now the barn is straight and tall. Next we re-do the roof, where we’re planning to put some solar panels.


8 Responses to “old barn renovation”

  1. pristinefarmexperience said

    excellent post, youre getting good at this!

  2. cvydesign said


  3. cvydesign said

    The other day, Richard was playing this new video game that seems to me is like Grand Theft Auto but with cowboys. ANYWAY, he was in the forest and all these bears kept on running at him and Richard kept shooting them in the head and then immediately skinning them. I just kept screaming “NO TYLER, STOP IT! STOP TYLER! YOU’RE KILLING THEM!”

    Richard found it very helpful.

  4. Zack Maril said


    As always, this website is super awesome. The pictures always remind me of how cool Oregon and, recently, Alaska are. My sister and mom are still going on and on about how incredibly awesome a time they had while they were there.

    Speaking of blogsI have a side project I am working on that maps out a blog through the links that are within that blog. It “pings” a website often enough that it could make a significant jump in traffic to that website. I am not sure though whether the website registers that as human traffic tough.

    I have been using this blog to figure everything out with and I was wondering if the program is causing any jumps in your traffic. I am trying to minimize the effects of the program on blogs and other small websites. Any information you could give me would be awesome!

    Zack Maril

    • pristinefarmexperience said

      hey zack i havent noticed any large jumps in traffic lately let me know when to be on the lookout for it though.

      • Awesome! That means good things. Thanks for telling me. I actually have a website of my own that I can use now, so no worries about a insatiable computer program on the lose through Pristine Farm Experience.

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