petting zoo!

June 1, 2010

While Tyler was busy taking bears’ skulls out of their faces, I was in charge of organizing a petting zoo for the first Farmers’ Market of the season. We all had a cozy ride together in the back of Tyler’s truck. Long story short: everybody pooped (except me) and the lambs ate part of Tyler’s camper shell.

I enlisted a local 4-Her, Landra, to help me keep tabs on the animals while I ran my market stall.

Our friends Julia and Bill were also extremely helpful in toting animals from one place to another, which I’ve discovered is mostly all you do when you set up a petting zoo.


8 Responses to “petting zoo!”

  1. Ruby said

    Cute lambies!

  2. Clyda Houck said

    Sounds like fun and lots of work! Cute picture in the back of the pickup. The black one likes your hair.

  3. Clyda Houck said

    Oh my gosh, the black one is the calf, isn’t it?

  4. Reininger said

    With 3 of the 4 animals, in the back of the truck, pooping–did the 4th have any tendency to “throw-up?
    Just curious—–Uncle Max

    • pristinefarmexperience said

      YES, there was very nearly a puking incident due to pooping animals and a distinct lack of ventilation.

  5. Reininger said

    Hey Uhhhhhh, Tyler. With all the animals POOPING in the back of your truck, while you’re in Alaska, You’re probably thinking of selling your vehicle. I’ll give you $100. for it, but you have to throw in the pressure washer!!!

    Unc.(covering all the basses)Max

  6. Jon Haeber said

    Hey Tyler,
    It’s Jon H. You sent me a message with this link a while ago, but I just now got to it. I’m getting slow in my old age… Anyways, you’re probably deep in the throes of Alaska now, but if not, Douglas is having our ten-year reunion on July 10-11. I rarely make it up there, so if you’re going to be in the area let me know. Also, if you’re going to be in Washington again soon, let me know too, because I have plans up there… very specific plans that I’m sure you’d love to hear about… I’ll tell you more when we talk! Email me:


    By the way, I’m envious of your lifestyle. Seems like something I could take a liking to.

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