pristine alaskan experience; the place

May 26, 2010

This little remote alaskan town will be my home for the summer, located 3 hours west by boat from Juneau on an island the size of northwest Oregon.   800 people make up the year round residents, and any given person is related to about half of the rest of town. 

the town is alright by Alaskan standards but its the 300 miles of forest roads (more than Juneau) and the proximity to some of the best fishing and hunting in the world that make it an amazing place.

the old school bus that I will be living in isn’t quite ready yet so stay tuned for a “living in a bus like a hippie post”


One Response to “pristine alaskan experience; the place”

  1. Reininger said

    Hey Tyler, Really enjoy the Alaska pictures. Seems like the people that come up there to hunt are a bunch of amateurs!!! I think we would all be better off if the bears got ’em. Take ’em out of the gene pool. I think I need some De-caf. Max

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