transmission from my vegetable space station

May 10, 2010

Since Tyler’s been gone I’ve holed up in my space station and focused intently on growing vegetables for the moon colony. Tomatoes get traumatized at anything lower than 45 degrees and will refuse to grow until it gets warmer (or sometimes will never grow). So… every night I put them to bed under layers of insulation material and little plastic domes in case it gets cold. Then I go home to the new place I built for myself in the lunar woods near here.


4 Responses to “transmission from my vegetable space station”

  1. Annie said

    I love it! I love the blog. I love the pictures. I love the bears. You guys are the best. Miss you Tyler!

  2. ariel said

    i love those little domes!! i need some! where do you get them? i put my tomatoes out and eggplants, and now it’s cold and rainy and i’m scared for them!! love reading your blog still, and still planning on hopefully coming up and visiting you kids.

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