cheap clothes and delicious decadence; thrift store formal

March 17, 2010

The annual Wallowa county thrift store formal was quite an experience,  I have rarely been to parties that big, even in Portland. Everyone who was anyone in the county and us, raided the Soroptomist for the some of the fanciest clothes that you can get for 2 bits. Then congregated at the Hawkins girls (Nora) house in Wallowa. You were your own bartender, there was (dancing) and they hired a photographer for the occasion. We left quite early and quite sober compared to some but had an awesome  time playing dress up with a bunch of other adults.  In a county who’s residents usually conform to a strict dress code of Carharts and t-shirts it is nice to know they can clean up real pretty like.

you can see all the photos on the photographers website , here are a few of my favorites ones and some of our friends.

Rose and Greg

Jeremiah and Jen

Annie and Brandon

I don’t remember his name but his beard was awesome

another amazing dress

(nsfw… best shirt ever found at thrift store…. nsfw)


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