prehistoric steak update

March 9, 2010

B.C. our oldest of two Scottish Highland calves is growing at an exponential rate.  He is 10 months old and should to continue to grow for another couple of years ( if not interrupted for a extended freezer stay).  Using the latest technology available to me (stealing from internet) I have estimated his growth for the next few years and extrapolated what I know about highland physiology into this digital rendering of his full grown self.

I must have made a few wrong calculations in quantum physics for the rendering.  You can understand my mistake however because the actual adult will be something like the picture below, which is just like a woolly mammoth but with a short trunk and the tusks in the wrong location.

I was planning to ride him in the Chief Joseph Days Parade .  I had bought a leopard skin outfit  for the occasion, but If he is not going to look the part then neither will I.  Besides, these jerks (below) seem to have beat me to it.


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