huge freak egg

November 16, 2009

the one on the right is a normal sized chicken egg

Gathering up the eggs one night I found this thing sitting in a nest box.  The one on the right is a regular sized egg.  When hens first start laying, all sorts of weird things can happen.  I cracked it open and there was another softer egg shell inside and a really watery yolk inside that.  I couldn’t bring myself to eat it though, it was just to strange.


4 Responses to “huge freak egg”

  1. AdamD said

    Whoa! We got a giant egg like that, too, but haven’t had the heart to even crack it open. It’s too precious!

    Here’s our photo:
    At least a two yolker

  2. Jeanne said

    Wonder what would have happened if it had been fertilized and hatched? Two-headed chick?

  3. ariel said

    freak egg and all, i am still jealous of you guys out there!!!

  4. cvydesign said


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