#5 hike; Legore Lake

August 6, 2009

camping spot with a view

I had been reading in the guide book about the hike to this lake for awhile now, it seemed to have all the elements to make a fantastic experience.  Legore lake the highest true lake in Oregon at 8,957 ft is situated less than 8 miles from the farm and only 4 miles from the trail head.  Low traffic on the trail is aided by the fact that in those 4 miles you gain over 4,000 ft of elevation, numbers like that seem to make most people think twice (the less people I have to see the better).

There is an abandoned copper mine about half way up and a collapsed cabin to go along with it.   From the cabin a compass was helpful to guide us over the two passes to the lake where the thousands of brook trout feeding and cavorting in the crystal clear water refused to take our bait for the entirety of the trip.

After we set up camp and started in on the first our of what would be 12 hours of unfruitful fishing.  A herd of bighorn sheep moved in from off the ridge and fed through a grassy area near camp with Erica taking pictures like crazy.

sheep on ridge

sheep 2 for 1

babyyyyyyyy!!!!!! (photo by erica)

While taking a break from not catching fish we climbed Sawtooth mountain and got to within 20ft  of twin peaks summit before I made an executive decision to chicken out and try an easier peak a mile down the ridge.

twin peaks north tower 9,673ft

Another reason for choosing this particular hike was to take Erica’s cousin who was visiting from Chicago on a memorable outing.  Going from 600 ft in Chicago to 9,600 ft on the side of a mountain in the Wallowas seemed to make quite an impression on him.  Torturing flatlanders by taking them up treacherous trails is one of my favorite hobbies, but Zack took it all in stride with a smile.  He said he was tired once or twice but you couldn’t tell it by the way he marched up the trail with his thirty pound pack and a “souvenir” rock the size of his head.


5 Responses to “#5 hike; Legore Lake”

  1. cvydesign said

    You’re both going to be here tomorrow!!! HERE!!!

  2. cvydesign said


  3. Tom said

    I hiked into this lake many years ago (1975?) with my dog. Stayed overnight and caught a fish every cast within 30 seconds using dry flies. Sorry you were not so furtunate, but it is a hell of hike.

  4. Elaine LeGore Harger said

    What a wonderful discovery online. A LeGore hikes to the mines (there are two – one is on around the mountain) and the lake at least every decade to “check on things.” I made the trek at age 12. Well, technically, I also went up in utero – Mom was pregnant with me when she made the hike. The year I was 12, the valley of boulders was still snow covered so we skiied back down on our tennis shoes. Family story goes that old Uncle Joe LeGore got angry one time and threw a cast iron skillet at the peak above the lake and lopped it off. And a traditional LeGore will only respond to a marriage proposal that’s been tucked into the jar in the mine. Glad to hear people are still making it up there.

  5. Lawson LeGore said

    That was my first real backpacking trip destination. My best friend and I packed way too much weight up there when we were 17 and camped on a snow free ‘island’ in the valley of boulders. A few years late my Dad (Joe LeGore) and I hikes up and pitched our tent within the walls of old Joe LeGore’s cabin. What a great place! Has anyone ever found information about the depth of the lake?

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