farm bike complete; la-te-da

July 15, 2009

woooaaaaa  aaaaahhhhhhh

like all my bikes, the more I worked on this one the fancier it became.  Not so much a rough and tumble farm bike anymore it has morphed into one of the fanciest “mountain bikes” I have ever seen.  The handlebars, saddle and front rack disguise it’s origins but it’s geometry, tires, brakes and, gears still scream late 80’s steel mountain bike from Nashbar.  Instead of the farm and field I find my self using the bike more for rough gravel roads.  Being able to comfortably explore places that would be to far to take a true mountain bike but to rough to ride on a road frame.  No bike of mine is ever truly finished but this one is close enough to call complete.

holding up the irrigation pipe

my portebale lawn chair

and yet another pose


One Response to “farm bike complete; la-te-da”

  1. Devin said

    Farm bike looks awesome! would ride

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