54 tons of grass

July 12, 2009

as far as the eye can see

The term “ton” gets bandied about quite a bit, but I mean a ton as in 2,000 freaking pounds.  I have never seen so much hay in my entire life.  Since we believe in good clean living we decided to pick it all up by hand.  While our neighbors in the fields around us picked up 5 ton loads with heavy equipment in a matter of minutes we toiled away day after day handling each 58 pound bail as many as three times before getting it in the barn.

pretty sweet setup

The whole family (grand dad would have but he had other commitments) helped and our friends Cari and Wynn lent a hand also.

up the shoot

I am in awe of the old timers who had to use horses instead of tractors and pick up hay loose with pitchforks before piling it in the barn up to the rafters.

more hay than this barn has seen in fifty years

If anybody reading this is interested in some high quality timothy grass (race horse hay) we will give it to you for the screaming deal of 160 bucks a ton.  I’m looking at you drew, isn’t about time you got another bunny, bunnies like hay!


6 Responses to “54 tons of grass”

  1. You know, my brother is a hay salesman, no joke. Do you want me to let him know?

    • Icky said

      Hey Alex,

      Thanks for the info! I got Shaun’s number from you a while back and we called him. He gave us some good info and his boss is coming to look at the hay tomorrow, so… sweet, thanks!!!

  2. briebrie said

    i wish i could help you out but melissa said no to a bunny : (

  3. cvydesign said

    It looked a lot like this:

  4. pristinefarmexperience said

    this video led me to the holy mountain video which led me to this enjoy,

    • cvydesign said

      I’ve seen that! The main dude, with the mop of curly hair, used to be the child preacher Marjo (named after Mary and Joseph.)

      Lawd I love me a sexy planet inhabited by only dangerous women folk.

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