riding in wallowa county; gravel

June 6, 2009

 the halfway barn on zumwalt rd.

Going for a 40 mile ride out here is a little different than in Portland.  Riding for an hour, you can get to some seriously remote places ( at least in bike terms).  Getting off the beaten path means getting on gravel.  My 28 mm tires, big for normal road riding are barely adequate for thirty miles of gravel with fist sized land mines strewn about like party favors.  32mm tires are in the mail as we speak, they should give me better pinch flat protection and more cushion for dealing with the spine rattling washboards.  I keep exploring farther and farther out and it would be nice not to have to flag down some ranchers and ask for a ride while I’m in my “fruit suit”.


3 Responses to “riding in wallowa county; gravel”

  1. Gok said


  2. Max said

    Nice site Tyler, It’s fun for me to see some of what you and Erica have been doing.

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