first hike on the east side; to hell and back

May 30, 2009

yes those are bullet holes

we picked kinda a doosie for the first hike.  The eight and a half mile trail down to the meeting of the Snake and Imnaha rivers doesn’t seem challenging, until you take into account the road to get there and the malicious flora and fauna.  The road was a single lane, dirt and a little bumpy with a quite a drop off.  A  loose bowling ball would have broken the sound barrier before hitting the bottom.  Lots of cringing and screaming happened whenever we would get too close to the edge (even Erica seemed slightly concerned).  Once we had found the cleverly disguised trail head we descended down into a 12 foot wide corridor between the river and cliff, choked with black berries and mountains of what we later found out were poison ivy. 12 foot wide strip of veitnamese jungle

After we extricated ourselves from the steamy jungle the path got a lot rockier and drier as it followed the river down the canyon.  Several more miles of trail later, I thought I heard something strange at my feet.  Lots of  jumping up and down for all parties involved and a piggy-back ride were the results of the encounter.  We were a bit jumpy from there on out, pulses would elevate considerably every time a twig would snap or a leaf would rustle.  Thankfully we didn’t see any more snakes on the hike, but we did see some Bighorn sheep. These two live ones and a dead one also.for cari

We finally made it down to the meeting of the Snake and Imnaha rivers. The foundation of an old mill is all that is left of the copper mining facilities at Eureka Bar.  After a short rest, we headed back up the trail through the snake infested jungle to the trail head.  I recommend this hike to anyone not afraid of bitey and stingy things, and to people who want a trail all to themselves.  Spectacular scenery and interesting wildlife (we saw many other species but these two just happened to be the most interesting) are top notch—I give it a thumbs up.this hike would have killed lesser men


3 Responses to “first hike on the east side; to hell and back”

  1. Alex Harris said

    Wow, totally jealous. Its not called Hells canyon for nothing – snakes, death, ghost sheep, the blood of sinners…satan himself…

    • pristinefarmexperience said

      thanks man, it was pretty niiiiiice we had the trail all to ourselves and it was about 10-15 degrees hotter than at ericas parents house. it is awesome go be able to drive down in the canyon to a hot summer then hide up here in the 75-80 degree weather.

  2. Mom said

    Love those boots! I have seen those before!

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