loaded down and truckin

May 14, 2009

oh the bikes i could have brought out here with this thing

We made it to Joseph in record time, faster than a Winnebago with hyper jets.  It took us nearly two days to organize and load the truck.  Stacking our stuff like it was firewood, there was not one open inch of space in the back.  To my great regret I was unable to bring all five of  my bikes, leaving me with a measly two at my disposal.  I know you’re thinking “big whoop”, but only having two bikes is like David Hasselhoff wearing only these two articles of clothing  (it limits the places that one can go comfortably).

My greatest concern (Erica’s greatest annoyance) was that the bikes were going to fall off the homemade rack that I had rigged up and go bouncing all over the freeway.  Every 10-15 min for 6 1/2 hours I would get panicky and ask her to look to see if the bikes were still there.  They made it the whole way and I only had to stop to check the knots on the tie-downs 12 times (a new record).

The drive/hyperspace jump was uneventful.  I was prepared for the cats to be out of their minds and using the cab of the truck like it was some sort of race track but all they did was sleep.  Completely boring on their part but not unappreciated by the humans involved.

All in all it was a long day and we are glad to be in our new location.

traveling through hyperspace ain't like dusting crops boy


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