nature in action: fake deer!

May 1, 2009

i think it blinked

Wallowa lake park has some frighteningly tame mule deer.  Technically they are wild, but you would never know it, they approach you the second you sit down at a picnic table.  The deer stay in the park, mostly because people feed them, there are no predators, and no hunting pressure.  The occasional encounter with a tourist,s lap dog is a small price to pay for what amounts to a gated deer retirement village.  It is well worth the drive up to the lake just see them.  The park doesn’t recommend approaching wildlife, and feeding them will get you a fine but if you want close-up  pictures of  some huge deer then this is your place.


One Response to “nature in action: fake deer!”

  1. […] are quite a few Whitetail around also but they are a lot sneakier and don’t allow you to just walk up and take a picture like the mulies.  Bruce has a trail cam set up in the wild area that got this […]

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