so many tubes

April 30, 2009

coming along

The second top tube went on with nary a hiccup.  Like any brazing job 80% of it was filing over and over to get the smooth transition between joints. I will now stop adding tubes before it becomes the bicycle equivalent of this.  While the bike is never going to be a Bombadil replica (I’m using 26 inch instead of 650 wheels) I would like to fit the general aesthetics of Rivendell’s bikes. That means the fork has got to be lugged.  At first i was at a loss because a lugged fork for a 26 inch wheel is impossible to get short of having one custom made ($$$$$).  As I was swimming through my junk pile like that monster from the Deathstar’s trash compactor, it came to me and I broke the surface gasping for air and clutching a fork for a 27 inch wheel. Surprisinglysceptical arn't you the measurements for both forks are almost identical right down the rake. The differences are; the fork blades aren’t round, there are no cantilever brake tabs, and the crown/blades are narrower.  Since I can only use 1.5 inch tall tires (because of height issues with the frame) the narrow crown won’t effect clearance. The canti tabs will be a little bit of work but not insurmountable. The only thing that slightly worries me is the blade design, those big round tubes on the original fork are supper stiff and can take a lot of side to side forces while the 27 inch road fork was designed for mostly front to back loads. If any failure happens I won’t be going very fast anyway given that the farm doesn’t have hills, but it is still something to keep my eye on. Really though the fork should be the least of my worries on this bike.  Now for more brazing (filing) putting on the canti tabs.


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